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About Us

Our Story

Within the first few months of 2020, life changed for everyone.

Suddenly Sanjay, Abyan, and Monish were adjusting to taking their high-school coursework online. It was a difficult transition for them, and they realized how much more of a struggle it was for younger students to balance (as well as parents) and they wanted to help!

They founded Sailors Learning in order to help other students connect, succeed, and get the help they need with remote education.  Through Sailors Learning, they are also empowering their peers to make an impact through one-on-one tutoring and teaching extracurricular classes.

They are committed to making a difference through quality remote education…for free!

Our Founders and Officers

Sanjay Adhikesaven, Founder/Research Manager

Sanjay is a senior at Foothill High School passionate about improving educational outcomes globally. His interests lie at the intersection of data science and public policy. He is the president of Foothill Speech and Debate and has published many peer-reviewed articles.

Abyan Das, Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Abyan has been doing varsity public forum debate since 7th grade and has debated multiple elimination rounds at many tournaments, even earning top 5 speakers at 2 tournaments. He is also the secretary of Foothill Speech and Debate. He enjoys business as well.

Monish Muralicharan, Founder/Chief Operations Officer

Monish has been doing varsity public forum debate since 9th grade with strong public speaking skills accompanying his flexibility in many stem-related activities. He is also the Vice-President of Foothill High School Chess Club.

Ashwin Charles, Director of Organization

Ashwin loves to write creative writing stories and he loves to share it with the world even more. He enjoys coding in Python during his free time as well as reading short mystery stories. He is also very passionate about tutoring.

Anurag Ravikumar, Director of Technology

Anurag is in advanced math and has been pursuing engineering design for 3 years. He also enjoys business and entrepreneurship. He has helped designed 2 patent worthy products that were commended by a professor at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

Abhimanyu Warrier, Director of Communications

Abhimanyu has a strong passion for debate and has exceptional speaking abilities. He is not only in advanced math but also advanced science and is currently part of his schools science team. He is also proficient in Javascript and tutors math.

Varunavee Mohanraj, Junior Officer of Marketing

Varunavee, a current senior at Foothill, has always been interested in volunteering and giving back to the community. She is an active DECA and WTP member, and is passionate about both subjects. She has competed in the regional and state level in both, and has even competed internationally for DECA.

In The News

Foothill High School students create distance learning tutoring program

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Three Foothill High School students in Pleasanton, Calif., are making a difference.

Sanjay, Monish, and Abyan who are freshman and sophomores, created Sailors Learning, a free tutoring service and non-profit in March when they talked to a parent of an elementary school student. This parent found that their child was having trouble grasping topics and adjusting to distance learning.

Sailors Learning’ Tutors Free Of Charge

Remote learning became the default method of delivering teaching when the coronavirus lockdown was enforced in mid-March. Students, who thought this was a short-term measure, were all excited to get an extended spring break. It was cause for celebration!

Pleasanton teens create a sense of virtual community during pandemic

“We wanted to play our part in helping the community in this crisis,” Adhikesaven said. “It was more challenging to get our work done, so it was even harder for elementary students.”

By offering more personalized screen time for students, “we thought this would help fill one of the biggest gaps in remote learning,” he added

Foothill High School Students Create Free Tutoring Service

Seeing a need in the community, a group of Foothill High School students launched a free tutoring program to support the academic needs of elementary school children.

Sailors Learning Tutors for Free

“Their mandate is to provide the service free of charge to make it accessible to parents of all backgrounds whose primary and secondary school children require a tutor. They ensure that students are matched with teachers to suit their schedules, academic needs and areas of conflict.”