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One-on-One Tutoring

In an increasingly virtual learning environment, Sailors Learning is here to engage and inspire through one-on-one tutoring and extracurricular classes. With sessions held entirely online, your K-8 child can get quality education from home -- for free


Fill Out Our Interest Form

Filling out the initial form allows us to match your child with the ideal tutor for their unique learning style, interests, and scheduling needs. 

Click "Sign Up" to be directed to the Google Form.

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Coordinate with your Child's Teacher

The easiest way to assess your child's needs is by talking directly to their teacher. Having this information allows us to focus on specific areas of study.

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Get Matched with a Tutor

We'll work our magic behind the scenes to match your child to the volunteer tutor best suited to their needs.

We'll reach out via email within 1 week.

Extracurricular Classes

We offer various group courses for grades 2-8. Our extracurricular classes cover information typically not covered in school subjects. Apart from the coding and creative writing classes, students can join classes at any time. Our classes are interactive and fun to keep your child engaged!


CODING - Grades 6-8 - Restarts Dec 4

Our coding class serves as an introduction to Python. This class is a progressive class meaning students will need previous class learning for future classes. That is why only students who attend the first or second class of the 10 weeks will be enrolled. We still encourage you to sign up as we will notify once the next 10-week class starts. We cover various coding topics that can be used for basic coding. Coding is ten weeks long and each class is an hour long. All they need is the motivation to learn!

SCIENCE - Grades 3-6

We teach science at a single level because our science class is designed in a way that your student doesn't need to have any knowledge beforehand to enjoy our class. Our class includes topics such as ecosystems and biodiversity, matter, basic genetics, atoms, communities, and habitats. Our tutors explain these topics at a more simple level for your kid to grasp as we understand some of these topics may be complicated.

MATHEMATICS - Grades 4-5

These math classes teach interesting topics that aren't traditionally covered in class and expand on in-class topics. We traditionally offer these as group classes, but your child has the ability to ask questions and for further explanation at anytime during the lesson.

History & Language Arts

HISTORY - Grades 3-6

Our history class explores the lives of influential people and important historical events. The current offering covers figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and more.  Our history class is an hour-long lesson every week on Google Meet.

CREATIVE WRITING - Grades 3-6 - Restarts Dec 8

Our creative writing class covers a variety of interesting topics. Students will learn how to write a compelling story and the basic story structure (including how to brainstorm ideas, write a good hook, AND use dialogue). This class is progressive, meaning that students cannot join in the middle of a session, but they can join in the next 10-week session.

Specialty Courses

CHESS I - Fundamentals

Our chess class 1 will teach students the basics and fundamentals of chess. The skill level would be for beginners interested in developing chess as a passion and a hobby. The tutor is Shreyas Nayak, a 5-time state champion for chess and has been playing for over 7 years.

CHESS II - Intermediate

Our chess class 2 will teach students more complex tactics and prepare them for tournaments. The tutor is Adway Sane, who is another state-level player.

LIVE SESSIONS - All skill levels

Finally, we offer our live session where any student regardless of their rating, or if they are signed up can join and get tutoring. With our three classes, Sailors Learning strives to make your child participate and win prestigious tournaments.